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Garfield on 1st June 1982
1st June 1982


Garfield on 2nd June 1982
2nd June 1982


Garfield on 3rd June 1982
3rd June 1982

lap lap lap lap lap -

Garfield on 4th June 1982
4th June 1982

Ah ah ah WAH-CHOO! sniff

Garfield on 5th June 1982
5th June 1982

Ah ha ah WAH-CHOO! -

Garfield on 6th June 1982
6th June 1982

I love you, bunny rabbit. I love you too, deer. I love you all . What the...? I brought some friends home for dinner.

Garfield on 7th June 1982
7th June 1982

Let's see, what should I do this week? BARK! Bingo.

Garfield on 8th June 1982
8th June 1982

Here I am just swaying in the breeze like so much laundry put out to dry. Suspended from a tree limb like an orange ripening in the sun. Poetic, yes, but I doubt if it's material for an action-packed mystery thriller.

Garfield on 9th June 1982
9th June 1982

Boy, my arms are getting tired. -

Garfield on 10th June 1982
10th June 1982

Good! Here comes help! Hang in there, baby. Ha ha. I can see the headlines: "Cat kills jocular passer-by".

Garfield on 11th June 1982
11th June 1982

I can't believe I've been hanging in this tree all week. Now I can.

Garfield on 12th June 1982
12th June 1982

Getting out of this tree will be simpler than I thought. -

Garfield on 13th June 1982
13th June 1982

Garfield on 14th June 1982
14th June 1982

Wow. I'm going to be four years old this saturday. It's time to reflect upon my accomplishments. It's time to reminisce about good times... It's time to lie about my age.

Garfield on 15th June 1982
15th June 1982

Face it, Garfield, you're not getting any younger. I wish there were something I could do about the aging process. I'd do sit-ups, but I couldn't stand the noise.

Garfield on 16th June 1982
16th June 1982

Yawn. You know you're getting older when your favorite late night show is the six o'clock news.

Garfield on 17th June 1982
17th June 1982


Garfield on 18th June 1982
18th June 1982

It hardly seems possible I'm celebrating my fourth birthday tomorrow. BARK! SPLAT! Time flies when you're having fun.

Garfield on 19th June 1982
19th June 1982

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GARFIELD! GULP! Maybe you should have blown the candles out first.

Garfield on 20th June 1982
20th June 1982

YAWN Did you ever have a time when you wish your pets could speak?

Garfield on 21st June 1982
21st June 1982

Hello. I'm Nermal, the world's cutest kitten, here to do cute kitten things in order to charm the pants off your owner and point out how uncute you are. I hate Monday.

Garfield on 22nd June 1982
22nd June 1982

Gimme that. I fail to see what's so cute about yarn. Or kittens for that matter.

Garfield on 23rd June 1982
23rd June 1982

Gee, since Nermal isn't here, I'll eat his food, too. -

Garfield on 24th June 1982
24th June 1982

Okay, Nermal, go ahead and jump. I'll have you out of there in two shakes of a cat's tail. Or is that two shakes of a lamb's tail?

Garfield on 25th June 1982
25th June 1982

Come on, Nermal. Let's fight. ROWR! What a revolting development this is.

Garfield on 26th June 1982
26th June 1982

Let's have some fun, Nermal. I'll tie you in nice and safe. See yuh.

Garfield on 27th June 1982
27th June 1982

SPLUT Don't you dare laugh. I hate it when someone has a laugh at my expense. SPLAT If I laugh, Garfield will kill me. If I don't laugh, I'll burst. WAH HA HA HA! Ha ha ha, whee.

Garfield on 28th June 1982
28th June 1982

It's time you go on another diet, Garfield.

Garfield on 29th June 1982
29th June 1982

Just what is a diet? A diet is too little of a good thing. A diet is making a molehill out of a mountain. A diet is the subject of a lot of stupid platitudes.

Garfield on 30th June 1982
30th June 1982

I hate diets. I'd get out of bed to have breakfast. But it's not worth the trip.

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