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Garfield on 1st December 1982
1st December 1982

Have a piece of cheese, mouse. Maybe that will make you feel better. - - How am I supposed to swallow? Good point.

Garfield on 2nd December 1982
2nd December 1982

You're free to go, mouse. Thanks. - Just where have you been? I suppose you and your fat friend have been having fun while I've been working and slaving taking care of our children. You'd better get yourself home right now. - SNAP!

Garfield on 3rd December 1982
3rd December 1982

Now get out of here. - - SNAP! SQUEAK!

Garfield on 4th December 1982
4th December 1982

- Jon will be checking this trap soon. - My bunny slippers? They like to roam at night.

Garfield on 5th December 1982
5th December 1982

ALL RIGHT! - I love flowers! - I love to tiptoe through tulips. - Dive through daisies. - Romp through roses. - You cat broke 'em, you bought 'em, buddy. Put some pansies on the tab, too.

Garfield on 6th December 1982
6th December 1982

Don't knock those flowers of the windowsill, Garfield. - I put them there to give them some sun. - And some fresh air.

Garfield on 7th December 1982
7th December 1982

Windows are great. They offer a front row seat to life's passing parade. - THUD! - They are also good for a yuk or two.

Garfield on 8th December 1982
8th December 1982

I see you're bringing the mail in with your usual care. - This letter says, "do not fold, spindle or mutilate." - It didn't say anything about "maul".

Garfield on 9th December 1982
9th December 1982

- MY NEWSPAPER! YOU CHEWED UP MY NEWSPAPER! - It's things like this that make me wonder if you should bring in the paper at all. Precisely. poo

Garfield on 10th December 1982
10th December 1982

On chilly mornings, this is my favorite place in the whole house. - - Over the heat vent.

Garfield on 11th December 1982
11th December 1982

Garfield, did you eat fern? - WHY IS IT I GET BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING AROUND HERE? IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG, YOU JUST LAY It ON OL' GARFIELD! - I have no idea what you're talking about.

Garfield on 12th December 1982
12th December 1982

- You can have this hamburger if you can reach it, Garfield. - WHA!? - - - b-b-b-b-b-b-b - Jon will rue the day I got these rubber arms.

Garfield on 13th December 1982
13th December 1982

BOOM BOOM BOOM - boom boom boom - It's time you went on another diet, Garfield.

Garfield on 14th December 1982
14th December 1982

On this diet, Garfield, you may drink all the coffee you please. - gulp gulp gulp - This is some kind of weird diet. slosh slosh slosh slosh

Garfield on 15th December 1982
15th December 1982

I think I'll step off my diet just long enough to eat a couple dozen cookies. - Lettuce? - That cat has no sense of humor.

Garfield on 16th December 1982
16th December 1982

- - You know you're on a diet when even the dog food commercials look good.

Garfield on 17th December 1982
17th December 1982

You may go off your diet as soon as you loose some weight, Garfield. Why didn't you say so sooner? - BUZZ - Let's eat.

Garfield on 18th December 1982
18th December 1982

Heck with it. I'm going off my diet. - - Show me a dieter, and I'll show you a person who belittles himself.

Garfield on 19th December 1982
19th December 1982

of sound from nature's flute section. - And the perfect sights and sounds are perfumed with these lovely flowers. What do you think, Garfield? - - You really don't care, do you? Bingo.

Garfield on 20th December 1982
20th December 1982

Good morning, Garfield. Is there something you're trying to tell me? - - It's the Christmas season, you say.

Garfield on 21st December 1982
21st December 1982

Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme. - GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! - I'm getting into the Christmas spirit.

Garfield on 22nd December 1982
22nd December 1982

- - That's gotta be a world's record! The presents go there. Move it, move it, move it.

Garfield on 23rd December 1982
23rd December 1982

I hope this gift is mine. rattle rattle rattle - CRACK! tinkle tinkle tinkle - I hope it's Odie's.

Garfield on 24th December 1982
24th December 1982

It's only noon, Garfield. Are you going to bed already? The sooner you go to bed, the sooner it's Christmas morning. - - Good night, little fella.

Garfield on 25th December 1982
25th December 1982

Comics readers are very special people. You mean more to me than there is space here to express. - I love you all. - Have a happy holiday. I'll be funny again tomorrow, trust me.

Garfield on 26th December 1982
26th December 1982

the backyard. CRASH - Take my dog...pleeeze. PLOP - It must have been one of your better nights. I was in rare form.

Garfield on 27th December 1982
27th December 1982

Well, I wonder what's going to happen to me today. - BLAT! - Monday moves in a mysterious way.

Garfield on 28th December 1982
28th December 1982

Go fetch the paper, Garfield. - Look closely, Jon. These are cat's paws, not slave's paws. - I'll ignore your small indiscretion this time, and share your life. Thank you...sir.

Garfield on 29th December 1982
29th December 1982

nibble nibble nibble - It's not to chew your nails, Garfield. Oh, that's okay. - I'm chewing on Odie's.

Garfield on 30th December 1982
30th December 1982

Z - I'm bored. I need to add some sparkle to my life. - Z

Garfield on 31st December 1982
31st December 1982

THERE'S A SPIDER! I HATE SPIDERS! - Ha ha. I'll just flick him away. - WHANG! - Jon? Are you okay? ...Jon?

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