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Garfield on 1st August 1982
1st August 1982

YAWN I hate to eat alone.

Garfield on 2nd August 1982
2nd August 1982

I hate Monday...something bad always happens to me on Monday. It's just a matter of time now... The suspense is killing me. DO IT TO ME NOW, MONDAY! GET IT OVER WITH!

Garfield on 3rd August 1982
3rd August 1982

Life is like a poker game. If you don't win... You lose.

Garfield on 4th August 1982
4th August 1982

YAWN twang twang Have you ever awakened with a whisker you just couldn't do anything with?

Garfield on 5th August 1982
5th August 1982

BARK I hate dogs.

Garfield on 6th August 1982
6th August 1982

It's dinner time, Garfield. GARFIEEELD BONG! BONG! BONG! You rang?

Garfield on 7th August 1982
7th August 1982

I wonder what this machine is. click whirrrr ZIP SPLAT It's obviously some sort of cat torture device.

Garfield on 8th August 1982
8th August 1982

Garfield on 9th August 1982
9th August 1982

Hmmm. A hollow stump with a thing in it...I gotta find out what it is. rrrr RRRRRRR Tuesday.

Garfield on 10th August 1982
10th August 1982

Even though "curiosity killed the cat" is just a silly superstition, I must know what's in this stump. rrrr ROAR! rip! chomp SNORT! Ha ha ha, silly me.

Garfield on 11th August 1982
11th August 1982

I'm going to give that thing in the stump a taste of this rock. Munch, munch, ptooey! I didn't know stones had bones. burp

Garfield on 12th August 1982
12th August 1982

All right, whatever you are, come out of there! rrrr You? A mouse was making all that noise? This stump has really great acoustics.

Garfield on 13th August 1982
13th August 1982

I can't believe you were the thing in the stump that's been scaring me all week. Why, I'm gonna... Down, Guido, down.

Garfield on 14th August 1982
14th August 1982

I've learned my lesson. I'm not messing with things in hollow stumps again. rrrr I'm going home where it's safe. rrrr rrr Oh, no.

Garfield on 15th August 1982
15th August 1982

It's show time! Some day I'm gonna be the greatest caterwauler in the world. They're gonna call me "Cats Wauler". ROWR! CHUKONG! AROOO WHOCK! Why do you do it, Garfield? Dues. I'm just paying my dues.

Garfield on 16th August 1982
16th August 1982

crunch crunch crunch I know you're hungry, Garfield. crunch crunch But what say I boil that spaghetti first? It is a tad firm.

Garfield on 17th August 1982
17th August 1982

I'll see you later, Garfield. I'm going to the supermarket. Let's see...I have my shopping list, my keys... Don't forget your shopping bag.

Garfield on 18th August 1982
18th August 1982

Supermarkets are like a giant United Nations of Food. You have coffee from Brazil, cheese from France, beef from Australia... And lasagna from heaven.

Garfield on 19th August 1982
19th August 1982

One frozen lasagna. Two frozen pizzas. One frozen pasta freak.

Garfield on 20th August 1982
20th August 1982

Whew! Last trip. GULP! SNORT! RIP! MUNCH DARN YOU, GARFIELD! Now I have to go back to the store. Not on my account, really.

Garfield on 21st August 1982
21st August 1982

Oh, boy, do I love food. If I couldn't eat food, I'd just die. Sage, Garfield, sage.

Garfield on 22nd August 1982
22nd August 1982

Holy moley! Here, boy, sniff. CHOMP RRRRRRR Dogs, you can't live with 'em, you can't live without 'em.

Garfield on 23rd August 1982
23rd August 1982

I'm hungry...nah, I'm too tired to be hungry...nah, I'm too depressed to be tired. Yup. It's Monday.

Garfield on 24th August 1982
24th August 1982

Rats...I can't shake this deep blue funk I'm in. No doubt about it... This week is gonna be one long Monday.

Garfield on 25th August 1982
25th August 1982

Oh boy am I depressed. I'm fat, I'm lazy, nobody likes me... Good morning, ol' buddy. It's another beautiful day. Quiet. I'm on a roll.

Garfield on 26th August 1982
26th August 1982

Nobody likes me. What's the matter with you, Garfield? I SAID NOBODY LIKES ME! WHOCK! BONK! Nobody likes me, and nobody listens anymore.

Garfield on 27th August 1982
27th August 1982

I'm starting to lose my depression. I gotta do something. Much better.

Garfield on 28th August 1982
28th August 1982

I love you, Garfield. Leave me alone. I want to be depressed. Tickle! Tickle! Tickle! Hee hee Feel better, Garfield? I'll get you for this, Jon.

Garfield on 29th August 1982
29th August 1982

It seems like I've been lost in this jungle for days with nothing to eat. I'd eat berries, but there's no sugar and cream. Where's a four-star french restaurant when you need one? FOOD! Dr. Livingston, I presume.

Garfield on 30th August 1982
30th August 1982

Look out, world! Here comes the caped avenger! Oh, sure, super-hero crime fighters make for an old, overused story line... But have you ever heard of a fat, weak one?

Garfield on 31st August 1982
31st August 1982

The caped avenger steps into the seamy underworld and reasserts his noble code. "I will seek out evil wherever it may lurk and destroy it". Unless, of course, there is the slightest possibility of harm to my person.

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