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Garfield on 1st May 1981
1st May 1981

I eat too much, I sleep too much and I don't exercise at all. There's certainly room for improvement. I think I'll take up smoking.

Garfield on 2nd May 1981
2nd May 1981

gobble gobble gobble gobble It's been a big day.

Garfield on 3rd May 1981
3rd May 1981

MROW OOOO ROWRR UR AROOOOOOO Thanks for the date, Garfield. Take care, Arlene. -

Garfield on 4th May 1981
4th May 1981

YAWN POOMP! I'll get you for this, Monday.

Garfield on 5th May 1981
5th May 1981

Ha ha. How can I resist you when you're cute? Help yourself, Garfield. A fool and his lasagna are soon parted.

Garfield on 6th May 1981
6th May 1981


Garfield on 7th May 1981
7th May 1981

How do you feel about jogging this morning, Garfield? How do you feel about bleeding this morning. I get your drift. Bright lad.

Garfield on 8th May 1981
8th May 1981

If you want to eat, use this can opener, Garfield. You know what to do with it. Yes, I do. Gimme a steak.

Garfield on 9th May 1981
9th May 1981

Okay, who put eyeballs on my hamburger? -

Garfield on 10th May 1981
10th May 1981

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, GARFIELD?! You were walking down the street minding your own business... SNIFF You stopped to smell a flower... When a big dog slipped up behind you... CLOBBER And beat the stuffing out of you. You are soright.

Garfield on 11th May 1981
11th May 1981

Hey, Garfield, what do you think of my new wallpaper? I like it.

Garfield on 12th May 1981
12th May 1981

If I were the cruel sort, I'd shove Odie off the table. But I'm not. Teddy bears, on the other hand... BOMP!

Garfield on 13th May 1981
13th May 1981

GET OUT OF MY CHAIR. OUT! OUT! Pooky wants to watch television . I guess I know where I fall in the order of things.

Garfield on 14th May 1981
14th May 1981

I have a new diet for you, Garfield. You can eat all you want. After eating five pounds of carrots! -

Garfield on 15th May 1981
15th May 1981

Garfield, you hang around the house too much. What can I do to interest you in the great outdoors? You can screen it in and out a roof over it, for starters.

Garfield on 16th May 1981
16th May 1981

NAP ATTACK! I hate him. Z

Garfield on 17th May 1981
17th May 1981

Garfield on 18th May 1981
18th May 1981

Would you like to go camping, Garfield? WHAT?! AND GET WET WHEN IT RAINS, FREEZE AT NIGHT AND GET THORNS IN MY PAWS?! We'll have pan-baked lasagna. I'm packed. Let's go.

Garfield on 19th May 1981
19th May 1981

Everything's packed for the camping trip, Garfield. Did I forget anything? Anything else? Yes, 250 miles of extension cord.

Garfield on 20th May 1981
20th May 1981

There's only one thing I like about cars. The upholstered ceilings.

Garfield on 21st May 1981
21st May 1981

Garfield! Get out of there! The light DOES turn off when the glove compartment is closed.

Garfield on 22nd May 1981
22nd May 1981

boing boing Are you bored, Garfield? We'll find out how bored I am if I don't get to a litter box soon.

Garfield on 23rd May 1981
23rd May 1981

Get out of the car, Garfield. Let us bask in the sun and sleep with nature's creatures, Garfield. Translation: "Let's bake our brains and lie on the ground with bugs and snakes, Garfield".

Garfield on 24th May 1981
24th May 1981

Well, here we are in the wilds, Garfield. Keep a sharp eye out for wild animals. WHAT?! WHA...?! You're just fooling me, aren't you? Oh, no, you don't, Garfield. I'll wise up to your tricks if it's the last thing I do.

Garfield on 25th May 1981
25th May 1981

Come on across the creek, Garfield. I don't know why you cats are so afraid of a little mud. You would be too if you had to wash yourself with your tongue.

Garfield on 26th May 1981
26th May 1981

Welcome to our first night of camping, Garfield. enjoy. ROAR! You enjoy. I'll be waiting in the car.

Garfield on 27th May 1981
27th May 1981

Lock your door, Garfield. This is a tough neighborhood. I know. How often do you see kids having a fire hydrant eating contest?

Garfield on 28th May 1981
28th May 1981


Garfield on 29th May 1981
29th May 1981

Tell me that's not a traffic cop's hat you're wearing, Garfield. Okay, it's not a traffic cop's hat.

Garfield on 30th May 1981
30th May 1981

I'm bored. I think I'll step out for some fresh air. GARFIELD! WE ARE GOING OVER 50! So I noticed.

Garfield on 31st May 1981
31st May 1981

Well, well, Here comes Arlene. Hey, baby, what's happenin'? Buzz off, creep. How about a gourmet dinner? I'm all yours! You really shouldn't have. Hang the expense. Only the best garbage for you, my dear.

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