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Garfield on 1st September 1980
1st September 1980

GARFIELD'S HISTORY OF DOGS The world's first dog crawled out of the sea about ten million years ago. - But, unfortunately for him... - He was immediately nabbed by the world's first dogcatcher.

Garfield on 2nd September 1980
2nd September 1980

GARFIELD'S HISTORY OF DOGS Tail wagging was invented by a dog named "Bonzo Wag". - He found that tail wagging endeared him to humans. - Bonzo also invented slobbering, but that didn't go over so well.

Garfield on 3rd September 1980
3rd September 1980

GARFIELD'S HISTORY OF DOGS During the stone age, dogs were used for hunting much as they are today. bark bark - GRRRR - Times were tough then. STOMP!

Garfield on 4th September 1980
4th September 1980

GARFIELD'S HISTORY OF DOGS Contrary to popular belief... - The first dogs were HAPPY to meet the first cat. - For, until then, all they had to chase up trees were rocks. Arf

Garfield on 5th September 1980
5th September 1980

GARFIELD'S HISTORY OF DOGS - - The first fire hydrant.

Garfield on 6th September 1980
6th September 1980

Dogs' historic roles as hunters, protectors, trackers, laborers and companions have culminated to make modern dog what he is today. - - It could just make you cry.

Garfield on 7th September 1980
7th September 1980

welcome the NATIONAL FAT WEEK! - This week we'll eat without guilt, and kick off our membership campaign... - By force-feeding a box of cornstarch to a skinny person.

Garfield on 8th September 1980
8th September 1980

Welcome to National Fat Week. - This is the week all of you, my fat brothers and sisters, celebrate your big, round, beautiful bodies. - Remember, you're not overweight, everyone else is undernourished.

Garfield on 9th September 1980
9th September 1980


Garfield on 10th September 1980
10th September 1980

Here's a National Fat Week handy fact... - 60% of the people in our nation are involved in some way with the food industry. - That's right. Eating is not only fun, it's patriotic!

Garfield on 11th September 1980
11th September 1980

This year, let's celebrate National Fat Week by stamping out fat jokes. - Let's face it, fatties... - We should be able to stamp out anything we wish.

Garfield on 12th September 1980
12th September 1980

We fat people are constantly being discriminated against. - Airplane and theater seats are too small. Designer clothing is not made in our size. But that's trivial. - What this world really needs is a king-size sandbox.

Garfield on 13th September 1980
13th September 1980

Here's a National Fat Week diet joke: - What would you get if you cross a dieter with a nine-foot gorilla? - You get a gorilla who diets anywhere he pleases.

Garfield on 14th September 1980
14th September 1980

* OH, GARFIELD * - Go fetch the paper. You gotta be kidding. - No paper, no breakfast. - That's blackmail. - Good boy! -

Garfield on 15th September 1980
15th September 1980

- - Hungry, Garfield? Bingo.

Garfield on 16th September 1980
16th September 1980

- Uh-oh, here comes Jon! -

Garfield on 17th September 1980
17th September 1980

I fell nasty today. - PUNT! - You gotta work it out.

Garfield on 18th September 1980
18th September 1980

I know it's chilly this morning, Garfield. - But you're not supposed to sit there. - So what's a bun warmer for?

Garfield on 19th September 1980
19th September 1980

Would you like to go out, Garfield? - POW! - Or would you rather stay in?

Garfield on 20th September 1980
20th September 1980

- You look guilty about something, Garfield. - Did you eat my pie? Your pepper steak.

Garfield on 21st September 1980
21st September 1980

raise the fur on my back. - Heck with it. CLOBBER!

Garfield on 22nd September 1980
22nd September 1980

GARFIELD - Will you get out of my flower box and come to lunch? - No thanks. I just ate it.

Garfield on 23rd September 1980
23rd September 1980

I won't say you're fat, Garfield... - But I will say you're two of the finest cats I've ever had. - Let's see...hairdressers, hearing aids, hit men.

Garfield on 24th September 1980
24th September 1980

- SPLOT! - Let me guess. You're trying to tell me you don't like your meal. In my own subtle way.

Garfield on 25th September 1980
25th September 1980

We cats are very unique. - Who else has our pride, style and sophistication? - Who else can kill an afternoon hanging on the screen door?

Garfield on 26th September 1980
26th September 1980

- SLAM! -

Garfield on 27th September 1980
27th September 1980

- gobble! gobble! gobble! - Thanks for leaving a wing, Garfield. What are friends for?

Garfield on 28th September 1980
28th September 1980

- - This chair could use some softening up. - boing boing boing - scratch scratch scratch - Much better. SPROING - Just when a chair earns your respect, it turns on you.

Garfield on 29th September 1980
29th September 1980

How about dinner tonight, doc? Sure. - If there's nothing good on Television. - Did you hear that, Garfield? She practically threw herself at me! Pray for reruns, hotshot.

Garfield on 30th September 1980
30th September 1980

Just once I'd like to go on a date without Garfield. - - Where to, sir?

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