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Garfield on 1st May 1979
1st May 1979

GASP! CHOKE! BRACK! COUGH! HACK! FLOP! Can the melodramatics, Garfield, and finish your liver.

Garfield on 2nd May 1979
2nd May 1979

BURP! That was rude and crude, Garfield. Cats are more sophisticated than to submit to belching at the dinner table. BRAACK!

Garfield on 3rd May 1979
3rd May 1979

Tell me what you think of my new poem, Garfield. "MY BUDDY" I have a buddy. My buddy's a toad. He's kind of muddy, he's flat on the road. But, he is my buddy, my buddy to stay, 'til he's peeled up and sailed away. Garfield?

Garfield on 4th May 1979
4th May 1979

Uh-oh, here comes Jon! -

Garfield on 5th May 1979
5th May 1979

Are you hungry, Odie? Here, have some celery and tomatoes and radishes. GARFIELD!

Garfield on 6th May 1979
6th May 1979

PURRRR PURRR tappity tappity tappity tappity tappity tappity scratch! scratch! scratch! scratch! Good morning, sunshine. Welcome to another glorious, fun-filled day with your favorite pet! I'm so happy to own a cat, I could justthrow up.

Garfield on 7th May 1979
7th May 1979

Hey, Lyman. Where's my bread knife? SLASH! Never mind.

Garfield on 8th May 1979
8th May 1979

This is too good to be true. BOING! That WAS too good to be true.

Garfield on 9th May 1979
9th May 1979

GOBBLE! GOBBLE! With all respect to Will Rogers. I never met a lasagna I didn't like.

Garfield on 10th May 1979
10th May 1979

CRASH! Uh-oh! Here comes Jon. -

Garfield on 11th May 1979
11th May 1979

Hello, Julie? How about a movie tonight? Oh, I see. Okay, goodbye. Darn, she said she was just walking out the door to visit her brother in Tokyo. That's what I call bad timing. That's called getting shot out of the saddle, you turkey.

Garfield on 12th May 1979
12th May 1979

Garfield, you're getting too fat. I am NOT getting too fat. I'm just ready for the next size kitty bed, that's all.

Garfield on 13th May 1979
13th May 1979

Garfield on 14th May 1979
14th May 1979

Boy, what a great meal. Uh-oh! -

Garfield on 15th May 1979
15th May 1979

It was bound to happen. My stomach finally outgrew my legs. Worse things could happen, I guess. Like this, for instance.

Garfield on 16th May 1979
16th May 1979

Well, you've finally done it, Garfield. Your belly's bigger than your legs. Now what are you going to do? I'll show you what I'm going to do. If you'll just roll me over to that lasagna there.

Garfield on 17th May 1979
17th May 1979

You're going to have to exercise that belly off, Garfield. Tell you what. I'll get a leash and take you for a brisk morning drag. If he had a brain, I'd say he was trying to make a funny.

Garfield on 18th May 1979
18th May 1979

* boing boing boing

Garfield on 19th May 1979
19th May 1979

At last! My feet can touch the floor once more. Never again will I allow myself to get that fat. And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

Garfield on 20th May 1979
20th May 1979

RIDE 'EM, COWCAT! BONK! OH, NO! Odie's hurt his leg! What'll I do? Shoot him.

Garfield on 21st May 1979
21st May 1979

I think it's time we take Garfield and Odie out for something to do. Why do you say that? They're taking turns on the record player again.

Garfield on 22nd May 1979
22nd May 1979

Cats can be very curious. SPLOOCH! Cats can also be very stupid.

Garfield on 23rd May 1979
23rd May 1979

Did I ever tell you about my uncle Harry? He was a famous mouser at a glass plant in Gas City, Indiana. Legend has it that uncle Harry chased a mouse fight into tank #2 Now he's a paperweight in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Garfield on 24th May 1979
24th May 1979

GRAB! BONK! Smooth, move, ol' buddy. have you no respect for the dead?

Garfield on 25th May 1979
25th May 1979

Hello, Carolyn? Hey, now about taking in a movie tonight? Uh...oh sure, I understand. She said she would love to have gone out with me tonight. click But she had to stay home and pluck her eyebrows. Subtle.

Garfield on 26th May 1979
26th May 1979

The darn lawn mower won't work. Let me try. brrr! If I could package that look, I'd make a million.

Garfield on 27th May 1979
27th May 1979

DING DONG tug tug Good evening, Felicia, my dear. Dinner awaits. A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou (heh-heh) Oh, brother. WAHCHOO! I'm allergic for cats! Either he goes or I go. SNIFF! POOMP! Gee, and she was cute, too.Salud.

Garfield on 28th May 1979
28th May 1979

Oh, goody. It's Monday morning. BRING! I love Monday mornings. You know why? Because *I* don't have to go to work.

Garfield on 29th May 1979
29th May 1979

Ah, six A.M. Time to rise and shine. BRING! First, a light breakfast of juice and toast, then some jogging. HA-HA-HA! That was a good one.

Garfield on 30th May 1979
30th May 1979

Z Z smack smack Oh my gosh! I slept through today's strip!

Garfield on 31st May 1979
31st May 1979

There's only one drawback to spending a week in bed... SNIFF! This blanket is starting to develop a personality all its own.

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