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Garfield on 1st July 1979
1st July 1979

BARK! POW! POW! CRACK! CRASH! GRRRR They don't tell you about these things in the pet magazines.

Garfield on 2nd July 1979
2nd July 1979

You're too fat, Garfield. Why, I'll bet you haven't seen your feet in years. I have feet?

Garfield on 3rd July 1979
3rd July 1979

CRUNCH I think it's time to put you on another diet, Garfield. Whatever gave him that idea?

Garfield on 4th July 1979
4th July 1979

I'm starting your diet, Garfield. How would you like this head of cabbage prepared? Deep-fry that sucker. Boiled it is. What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Garfield on 5th July 1979
5th July 1979

Hmmm, diet candy. Not bad. A couple more boxes of those things and I'll be skinnier than a rail.

Garfield on 6th July 1979
6th July 1979

This diet I'm on has sure made me weak. PUNT! * Drat, he usually clears the piano.

Garfield on 7th July 1979
7th July 1979

I wonder what I'd look like skinny? GARFIELD! YOUR DIET! My vanity.

Garfield on 8th July 1979
8th July 1979

FOOD! That's this? I appears to be of the crescent roll family. A true gourmet never shies away from a new taste treat. (smack) A bit dry, but palatable. Garfield, have you seen my sweat socks?

Garfield on 9th July 1979
9th July 1979

Cats are the world's greatest tree climbers. There's only one tiny problem... Cats are also the world's worst tree climber downers.

Garfield on 10th July 1979
10th July 1979

I've made up my mind. The only way out of this tree is to jump. I may break every bone in my body, but here goes. There again...

Garfield on 11th July 1979
11th July 1979

Catch the rope, Garfield! Now tie it around your waist and I'll pull you down. HA-HA-HA! I'll get Jon for that.

Garfield on 12th July 1979
12th July 1979

I've come to rescue you, Garfield. Uh-oh. Well, this is just ducky.

Garfield on 13th July 1979
13th July 1979

There's only one way out of this tree, Garfield. We'll have to jump. Gee, I'd love to but I simply haven't a thing to wear to our funeral.

Garfield on 14th July 1979
14th July 1979

Either we jump, or we'll starve up here, Garfield. I'm with you. GERONIMO!! -

Garfield on 15th July 1979
15th July 1979

Ahem...me, me, meee MEYOWRRR BONK I wonder if this is how Enrico Caruso got his start. MEYOWRRRR CLOBBER!! clink clink clank MEYOWRR bink

Garfield on 16th July 1979
16th July 1979

ZOOM! Why, oh why, oh why, oh why, do cats do these things?

Garfield on 17th July 1979
17th July 1979

I'm getting out of this tree if it kills me POOMP! Gee, that didn't hurt at all.

Garfield on 18th July 1979
18th July 1979

What are you doing with the ice pick, Garfield? stab stab stab stab stab The only way to eat peas. Oh.

Garfield on 19th July 1979
19th July 1979

Well, hello there, good-looking. Say, what're you doing tonight? How about coming to my place for dinner?

Garfield on 20th July 1979
20th July 1979

Say, how about popping over to my place for a late-night snack? Ha-ha-ha. You needn't be afraid of little ol' me. If you like, you can bring a friend and we'll have dessert, too.

Garfield on 21st July 1979
21st July 1979

I'm sorry. We don't serve cats here. What will you and your dog have, sir?

Garfield on 22nd July 1979
22nd July 1979

GO GET 'IM, GARFIELD! Opps! SQUEAK! Everyone stand back! Give him some air! Artificial respiration might help. Okay, go, boy! Phew! For a minute there I thought I was out of a job.

Garfield on 23rd July 1979
23rd July 1979

Come on, Garfield. Let's go see your vet. She sure is cute. Why is every time HE gets a hot flash, I have to go to the doctor?

Garfield on 24th July 1979
24th July 1979

How about a date, doc? I'd sooner die. Well don't do *that*. Nothing like a snappy comeback to save face.

Garfield on 25th July 1979
25th July 1979

How about a date, sweetheart? That's *doctor' to you. Okay, how about a date, *doctor' sweetheart?

Garfield on 26th July 1979
26th July 1979

Tell me, doc. Do you make house calls? It's not the veterinary medicine I mind. It's some of the animals I have to work with.

Garfield on 27th July 1979
27th July 1979

Tell me, doctor, what do you suggest for an animal who's madly in love? I usually prescribe neutering.

Garfield on 28th July 1979
28th July 1979

We'll make an appointment for Garfield's next checkup in about six months. What if there's an emergency? Then you can call me day or night. Come on, Garfield. Let's go home and play in traffic. That's not funny.

Garfield on 29th July 1979
29th July 1979

CRASH! SMASH! leap! SPLAT! Take that!

Garfield on 30th July 1979
30th July 1979

ZOOM! How do they know when it's bath day?

Garfield on 31st July 1979
31st July 1979

BATH TIME! chuckle chuckle Okay, who put oatmeal in the soapbox? Well, sprinkle me with brown sugar and call me for breakfast.

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