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Garfield on 1st April 1979
1st April 1979

I'm so bored. Hmmmm ptu! twing! YIP! SPLOOSH! BONK! KICK! Much better.

Garfield on 2nd April 1979
2nd April 1979

Did you know most cats shed their winter coats in warm weather, Garfield? FUMP! Hmmm mus' be spring.

Garfield on 3rd April 1979
3rd April 1979

Spring is here. The warm spring sun is coaxing trees to bud and flowers to bloom. Fledging songbirds are testing their lilting voices. Soft spring zephyrs are wafting the sweet scent of lilacs. Spring is here. Big, fat hairy deal.

Garfield on 4th April 1979
4th April 1979

There's nothing like a little spring weather to make one feel lazy. I'd better be careful. If I were lazier, I could slip into a coma.

Garfield on 5th April 1979
5th April 1979

I like spring. The grass is back from its dormancy. The flowers are back from a long winter's rest. And the birds are back from Miami.

Garfield on 6th April 1979
6th April 1979

I just love to lie out in this warm spring sun. Uh-oh. I think I just melted.

Garfield on 7th April 1979
7th April 1979

Ah, spring. In the spring a young man's fancy turns lightly to thoughts of love. And the street department puts a fresh coat of rust-resistant paint on the fire hydrants.

Garfield on 8th April 1979
8th April 1979

click I'm going to stare at this toaster until the toast pops up. A watched pot never boils, Garfield. Huh? pop See? Drat...drat, drat, drat, drat.

Garfield on 9th April 1979
9th April 1979

Move it, Garfield, I'm going to watch television. -

Garfield on 10th April 1979
10th April 1979

Boy, am I in a bad mood. *Good Morning, Garfield* POKE! If there's anything a depressed person hates, it's a cheerful person.

Garfield on 11th April 1979
11th April 1979

Garfield's sure been in a nasty mood lately. We'll see about that. Do you know how to treat a mad cat? With great, great respect.

Garfield on 12th April 1979
12th April 1979

ROWR! FFFT! I think I hurt myself.

Garfield on 13th April 1979
13th April 1979

I know you've been in a nasty mood this week, Garfield. Many of us occasionally feel angry for no reason at all...psychologists all it a free-floating anxiety. SPLAT! FREE-FLOAT THIS! I wonder if this ever happened to Freud.

Garfield on 14th April 1979
14th April 1979

Easy, boys. WE LOVE YOU, GARFIELD! Darn. That was the best deep blue funk I ever had going.

Garfield on 15th April 1979
15th April 1979

scratch scratch scratch scratch scratch scratch pat pat pat scratch scratch pat pat scratch scratch pat pat scratch pat BARK! YIP! ROWR! I don't think I could take much more loving.

Garfield on 16th April 1979
16th April 1979

Let's go check the mailbox, Garfield. I love getting mail It's just another reminder you're alive. That's a pretty heavy thought for a Monday.

Garfield on 17th April 1979
17th April 1979

How about some boiled cabbage for lunch, Garfield. SWIPE! Or maybe some coleslaw. Now you're talking.

Garfield on 18th April 1979
18th April 1979


Garfield on 19th April 1979
19th April 1979

'ATTA BOY, GARFIELD! squeak! GO GET 'IM! squeak! Take five, little buddy. We'll make another pass in a few minutes. puff puff

Garfield on 20th April 1979
20th April 1979

hee he HA! HA! HA! HA! Poor Lyman. He wouldn't be laughing so hard if he knew Odie just drank out of the toilet.

Garfield on 21st April 1979
21st April 1979

Hmmm -

Garfield on 22nd April 1979
22nd April 1979


Garfield on 23rd April 1979
23rd April 1979

CRASH! It's amazing the fun you can have with a hoop.

Garfield on 24th April 1979
24th April 1979

Gee, I'd almost forgotten how much fun it is to hang on the old screen door. SLAM! And I'd completely forgotten about the pain.

Garfield on 25th April 1979
25th April 1979

Hmmm a whistle Must be broken.

Garfield on 26th April 1979
26th April 1979

Claws are great. They allow us cats to walk right up trees. There's only one problem.

Garfield on 27th April 1979
27th April 1979

POP They don't call me "Lightning Lips" for nothing.

Garfield on 28th April 1979
28th April 1979

I just want you people to know how much we cats appreciate you. Without you, who would feed us? Who would love us? And most important of all... Who would change our kitty litter?

Garfield on 29th April 1979
29th April 1979

GROWL The cat craves fresh meat. What-ho, the cat senses unsuspecting quarry o'er yon knoll. Coiling like a spring, he prepares to lunge. Steely sinews propel him toward his helpless prey. Once again a cat's primal instincts providesustenance.

Garfield on 30th April 1979
30th April 1979

Boy, I', starved. I think I'll have sausage. hash browns and some eggs over easy. Good morning, Garfield. Here's tuna and liver surprise! The sausage and hash browns are delicious. But I do believe the eggs are a bit overdone.

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