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Garfield on 1st December 1978
1st December 1978

ah ah AH AH - WAH-CHOO! - sniff Bless you.

Garfield on 2nd December 1978
2nd December 1978

I thig Garfield gabe me a code. sniff He what? - He gabe me a code! Pardon? - GABE ME A CODE! GABE ME A CODE!

Garfield on 3rd December 1978
3rd December 1978

BRRR! - YAWN! - - - - - I know you're in there somewhere, Garfield! ...OUT!!! - Next time I'll leave a wake-up call at the desk.

Garfield on 4th December 1978
4th December 1978

Do you know your cat's sitting on my meat loaf? - No, but if you hum a couple of bars I'll fake it. - This is going to be a long week.

Garfield on 5th December 1978
5th December 1978

See you later, Garfield. I'm going to the grocery store. - - Very well, you may come along.

Garfield on 6th December 1978
6th December 1978

Now, behave yourself in the grocery store, Garfield. - - I think I just turned a bull loose in a china shop.

Garfield on 7th December 1978
7th December 1978

That's the last time I take you to the grocery store, Garfield. - I've never been so humiliated in all my life. - So I ate the pastry section, big deal.

Garfield on 8th December 1978
8th December 1978

- Darn - That was too easy.

Garfield on 9th December 1978
9th December 1978

When Odie comes by I'm going to round off that pointy head of his. - SLURP! - How can you win against someone who doesn't even know the rules of the game?

Garfield on 10th December 1978
10th December 1978

- - - HERE, ODIE! - - Isn't it a little cold to take Odie foe a walk? NONSENSE! -

Garfield on 11th December 1978
11th December 1978

Things To Do: 1. wash car 2. do laundry - - 3. and brush Garfield

Garfield on 12th December 1978
12th December 1978

I own a cat. - And when you own a cat, eating a normal meal takes on an all-new perspective. - Knowing that somewhere in there is a cat hair with your name on it.

Garfield on 13th December 1978
13th December 1978

I'm going to brush all your loose hair out, Garfield. - - I suspected as much.

Garfield on 14th December 1978
14th December 1978

sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep - Garfield, what am I supposed to do with all these cat hairs?! Make yourself another cat. - I have the distinct feeling that I was just zinged.

Garfield on 15th December 1978
15th December 1978

SMACK! Good night, Garfield. - POOEY! - Growing a beard? I ate a milk dud and kissed a cat.

Garfield on 16th December 1978
16th December 1978

Dear Garfield, Help! I have cat hairs all over my home. What can I do to keep Fluffy from shedding? - Simple. - Give the little beggar a good coat of varnish.

Garfield on 17th December 1978
17th December 1978

cats gotta claw, but do it outside, okay? Garfield? - - GARFIELD

Garfield on 18th December 1978
18th December 1978

zzzzzz - YAWN! - What a heck of a way to wake up.

Garfield on 19th December 1978
19th December 1978

- - - - - I know cats are fast, but THAT'S ridiculous.

Garfield on 20th December 1978
20th December 1978

JON! COME QUICK! - Look! Garfield is actually playing with Odie! I know. It's cause I sprayed Odie with something. - With what? Essence of lasagna.

Garfield on 21st December 1978
21st December 1978

You know, maybe there's more to life than just eating and sleeping...maybe I should be more considerate of other people's feelings, nicer to Odie and more generous. - - Nah.

Garfield on 22nd December 1978
22nd December 1978

Scratching posts, Balls of yarn and rubber mousies are okay. - But when it comes to REALLY NEAT playthings... - Give me a Christmas tree!

Garfield on 23rd December 1978
23rd December 1978

What would you like for Christmas, Garfield? 100 slave dogs. - I'll bet you'd like a nice, fluffy ball of yarn to play with. - I think I'll put a piranha in his Christmas stocking.

Garfield on 24th December 1978
24th December 1978

- HO-HO-HO - WHUMP! - Let's see, gifts for Jon, Lyman and Odie. - Hmmm - Oh, yes, and Garfield. - How could I ever forget Garfield... - Only kid in the world to ask for 20 pounds of lasagna.

Garfield on 25th December 1978
25th December 1978

This is my very first Christmas. - I hope you have a loved one to spend today with because I do. - It's you. Merry Christmas.

Garfield on 26th December 1978
26th December 1978

Okay, Garfield. Go fetch! - * -

Garfield on 27th December 1978
27th December 1978

Time to get up, Garfield. zzzz - GRRRRR - Now what do I do? zzzz

Garfield on 28th December 1978
28th December 1978

- PUSH - CLONK! I'm not known for my compassion.

Garfield on 29th December 1978
29th December 1978

I love Fridays. - The end of a long work week, the beginning of a weekend filled with relaxation, TV sports and parties. - Almost makes me wish I had a job.

Garfield on 30th December 1978
30th December 1978

This year I resolve to be nicer to dogs. - - Maybe I'll cut down on lasagna instead.

Garfield on 31st December 1978
31st December 1978

AND I'M PROUD *OF* IT! - Where's Garfield? He ate the buffet and went to bed.

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